Sacred Audio Collection

We are pleased to make public, after months of preparation, an entire new section of our audio library: the Matheson Trust Sacred Audio Collection, bringing together a “unique selection of live recordings from the world’s major religious traditions: prayers, hymns and scriptural recitations performed in all corners of the world for thousands of years, mostly in their original ancient languages.”

We hope you will enjoy browsing our careful selection of Hindu, Taoist, Buddhist, Shinto, Jewish, Christian and Islamic MP3 recordings from temples, monasteries and oratories all over the world. Feel free to download the collection, which is certainly worth attentive and, as it were, “active” listening.

Look out for updates to this collection over the coming months, as we add to the initial selection and expand into other traditions and other branches and denominations within the major religions.

We shall be grateful for donations, suggestions, comments and contributions that help us improve this and other areas of our online library. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch through our contact page.