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Workshop: Geometric Patterns, Vocabulary & Proportion in Architecture

À propos du tracé directeur de l’instrument à corde


That Beauty Is a State

The Sacred Mask

And Why Bach?

Interfaith Dialogue through Architecture

Roads to Paradise: The Art of Illumination of the Quran

A.K. Coomaraswamy: A New Encounter with an Old Master

Indian Music

Bach as Architect and Servant of the Spiritual

Alan Chadwick: Man and the Totality of Nature

The Power of a Melancholy Humour: Divination and Divine Tears

Religious Ideas in Craftsmanship

The Craft and Geometry of Martial Arts

Music as Therapy: the analogy between music and medicine in Neoplatonism

Poblet Monastery Cloister Garden

Road Maps for the Soul

The Ten Oxherding Pictures (Jugyuzu)

Philip Sherrard: His Life & Work

Looking Forward to Tradition:
The Contemporary World in the Light
of the Perennial Philosophy

The Subtle Art of a Cat (Neko no Myojutsu)

Beauty and the Sunna

Martin Lings—Youth Conflict Between Science & Religion

Collected Poems

The Narrow Road to the Interior (Oku no Hosomichi)

New Jerusalem Glowing: Songs and Poems of Leonard Cohen in a Kabbalistic Key

What is Common to Indian and Chinese Art?

Theology and Beauty

What is Wabi-Sabi?

Mirror of Gesture (Abhinaya Darpana)

Medieval Jewish Poetry (Audio)

The Kiowa Story of the Flute

Iroha Song

Dark Night / Living Flame

Poetry and Prayer Beyond Words

The Way of Go

King Lear

Gagaku (Music of the Imperial Court, Kyoto)



Measure for Measure



Keats and Shakespeare

St John Climacus of Sinai and the Ladder of Spiritual Ascent in Iconography

Cosmology, Ecology and Sacred Architecture

The Secret of Shakespeare, Part 3 (Othello)

The Secret of Shakespeare, Part 2 (Henry IV & Hamlet)

The Secret of Shakespeare, Part 1 (Introduction)

The Minbar: Symbol of Verticality and of Elevation

Music of the Sky, An Anthology of Spiritual Poetry, edited by Patrick Laude & Barry McDonald

To a Buddhist Beat: Allen Ginsberg on Politics, Poetics and Spirituality

The Metaphysics of Ecology

A Traditional Critique of Humanist Art

“Truly God is Beautiful and He loves Beauty”

C. S. Lewis as Apologist and Mystic

Esoteric Dimensions of Deep Ecology

Of Art and Skill

Beauty as Outward Virtue — Virtue as Inward Beauty: The Sacred Art of Living