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Fifty-four Years as an Athonite Pilgrim: Then and Now

“Progress” in Retrospect

Double-Entry Accounting and Confession

Insights from the Revelations of Divine Love and the Contemplation to Attain Love

The Theology and Times of William of Tripoli OP: A Different View of Islam

The Book of the Lover and the Beloved

The Vision of God in Philo of Alexandria

Hindu religion as the ‘complementary/incommensurable other’ to Christian religion

Landscape and Pilgrimage in the Christian Tradition (video)

Comments on a Few Theological Issues in the Islamic-Christian Dialogue

Petite mystagogie de la Divine Liturgie

Interfaith Dialogue through Architecture

Revelations of Divine Love (selections)

The Consolation of Philosophy

“In the Vale of Soul-Making”

The Acquisition of the Holy Spirit of God

Recovering the Song of Songs as a Text of Devotion in Christian Practice

St Bernard on the Song of Songs

Bach as Architect and Servant of the Spiritual

“Know Thyself” in Early Christianity

O Gladsome Light (Phos Hilaron)

Meister Eckhart’s “Grain of Mustard Seed”

Three Things

An Introduction to Lent

Truth Is Not Known Unless It Is Loved

Christian–Buddhist Dialogue

What is Man?

Thomas Merton and Confucian Rites: The Fig Leaf for the Paradise Condition

Poblet Monastery Cloister Garden

Inter or Intra-Religious Dialogue?

Everlasting Joy

The Universality of the University

The Cherubinic Wanderer

Why Work?

The Desert as Reality and Symbol

Desert Spirituality

The Divine Glory and the Divine Energies

“Know Thyself” in the Christian Fathers

Philip Sherrard: His Life & Work

Exploring Human Interiority

Spirituality in Interreligious Dialogue: Challenge and Promise

The Rule of St Albert and the Ten Books

Anniyya — Anitas

Praying the Passion

Common Word: A Cambridge Conversation, 2013

A Sermon on the Glorious Name of Jesus Christ

The Blessed Passion of Holy Love: Maximus the Confessor’s Spiritual Psychology

Why Socrates Didn’t Charge: Plato and the Metaphysics of Money

Rule and Exercises of Holy Dying

Theology and Beauty

Reflections on the Relation Between Philosophy and Theology

On the Creation of Women

The Principle of Love as the Key to Peacemaking in the Abrahamic Faiths and in the Teaching of Jesus

A Contemplation of the Herbs

The Divine Liturgy: The Sacrifice

The Meaning of the Expression ‘Son of God’

Religion, Prayer, Dialogue and Appreciating the Other

Divine Pedagogy as Skilful Means: Theological Pluralism in the Early Church

The Mysteries of the Greek Alphabet

On Death