The Matheson Monographs cover a wide range of themes within the field of comparative religion: scriptural exegesis in different religious traditions; the modalities of spiritual and contemplative life; in-depth mystical studies of particular religious traditions; broad comparative analyses taking in a series of religious forms; studies of traditional arts, crafts and cosmological sciences; and contemporary scholarly expositions of religious philosophy and metaphysics. The monographs will also comprise translations of both classical and contemporary texts as well as transcriptions of lectures by, and interviews with, spiritual and scholarly authorities from different religious and philosophical traditions.

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Current Titles


The Abrahamic Archetype

by Samuel Zinner.
Co-published with Archetype

Ibn ‘Ajiba: Two Treatises on the Oneness of Existence

by Jean-Louis Michon.
Co-published with Archetype

The Origin of the Buddha Image & Elements of Buddhist Iconography 

by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy.
Co-published with Fons Vitae

Philosophy as a Rite of Rebirth: From Ancient Egypt to Neoplatonism 

by Algis Uždavinys.
Co-published with The Prometheus Trust

Forthcoming Titles

The Great War of the Dark Age: Keys to the Mahabharata

by Dominique Wohlschlag, 2019

Imam ‘Ali: From Concise History to Timeless Mystery

 by Reza Shah-Kazemi, 2019

Sufi Snakes and Ladders: A Commentary on Ibn Arabi’s Shatranj al-Arifin

 by Muhammad al-Hashimi, 2019

What is God?/Quid Deus?—The Book of the 24 Philosophers


Self and Other in the Abrahamic Religions: Explorations in German Romanticism and Jewish Mysticism

 by Samuel Zinner, 2019

Gleams of Persian Sufism

 by Hermann Landolt, 2019